Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 1- Couponing

I've recently been following a few blogs that give tips and links to freebies and how to save $$ on groceries and personal items. I was shocked at what I found. Many of these mom's are getting $15-$50 worth of groceries for absolutly FREE each week. It's amazing how much you can save just by clipping coupons and reading the ads each week. I however, am still learning. I hope to Blog about saving money locally as I have yet to find a Blog on saving money in Minnesota.

Week 1 Result: I spent $89.20 on $144.23 worth of groceries/ personal items! That's a 38% savings.

For $89.20 I got:

-60 size 4 Wlagreens diapers
-Colgate Toothpaste {$2.99, used $1 Coupon from Sunday Ads, recieved $2 in RR's (register rewards) so the toothpaste was FREE! }
-2 Easy Mac Cups {On Sale for $1 each + $1 off coupon = 50 cents per cup}

-87 Pull-ups {On sale for $8.99 (29 per pack) + 1.50/1.50/2.00 coupons = $21.97}
-Crest Toothpaste {On Sale $3.49 + $1 coupon + $2 in Easy Care Bucks= 50 cent toothpaste}

-10 lbs. of boneless skinless chicken breasts
- 4lbs Bottom round roast
-2 24 packs of diet coke { Cub Coupons= $4.44 per 24 Pack}
-2 bags of Doritos {Cub coupon B1G1= $1.79 per bag}
-2 boxes of CUB cereal {Cub Coupon 88 cents each}
-3 lbs of bananas
-2 8oz Shredded cheese {Cub Coupon 88 cents each}
- 24 string cheese
- 2 (12oz) Kraft American Singles {$1.88 each w/ Cub Coupon+ $1.00 MFG Coupon= $1.38 each}
- Hellmans Mayo {$1.88 w/ Cub Coupon, probably should have found a MFG coupon too!}
- 2 Hillshire farm Deli meats {Cub Coupon = FREE w/ purchase of 2 24 packs of Coke+ 35 cent MFG coupon= I made 35 cents!!}

Not bad!

I still have to go to Target in which I'm hoping to get FREE apples
Print Coupon for $1.00 off bulk apples, buy $1.oo worth of bulk apples = FREE Apples!

93 cent 100 Calorie packs
Print $1 Coupon for 100 Cal Packs, My Target has 100 Cal packs for $1.93= 93 cents

and a 4 pack of Dan Active Yogurt for $1.
On Sale for $2 this week + $1 Coupon from Sunday Paper= $1

Stay Tunned!

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