Thursday, May 21, 2009

I {heart} FREE groceries!

I'm starting to get the hang of this whole couponing thing- and- it's not very hard or time consuming and the best part is we ended up with a ton of FREE groceries this week. Who doesn't like FREE???? I am a HUGE fan of FREE... here's just some of my scores for the week.

Wednesday is double coupon day at our local Rainbow. They will double up to 5 coupons and only coupons that are $1 or less can be doubled. In addition, you need to spend $25 in order for coupons to be doubled.

After perusing the Rainbow ad I came up with a plan:

Ritz Crackers OS for $2.50- MFG Q $1/1- Doubled= .50 a box
Wheat Thins OS for $2- MFG Q $1/1- Doubled= FREE
Band-Aids OS for $2- MFG Q $1/1- Doubled= FREE
3 Jello OS for 3/$1.98- MFG Q $1/3- Doubled=FREE + .04 Overage
Kraft Dressing OS for $1.67- MFG Q $1/1- Doubled= FREE + .33 Overage

I also purchased some of their Sale items:
Hamburger Buns= .49
Hot dog buns= .49
2 Roundy's sour cream tubs= $1.76
2 Roundy's Butter= $2.56

Total Food Purchase: $5.43

Now, I'm sure you are asking, "But what about the $25 additional purchase?". I bought a $25 gift card (I needed it for a gift anyway). If you didn't need a GC you could always buy a Rainbow GC for your next shopping trip, or if you have other shopping to do simply buy $25 worth of food.

From now on I will only shop Rainbow on Wednesday's!!! Yay for double coupon day. You may want to check with your local Rainbow, I'm not sure that all Rainbow's offer this AWESOME DEAL!

I also scored at Target this week by stacking Target coupons with MFG coupons to = FREE or significantly reduced.

100 Cal Packs $2.94- Target Q $1/1- MGF Q $1/1= .94
Wheat Thins $2.04- Target Q $1/1- MFG Q $1/1= .04
Ritz Crackers $2.54- Target Q $1/1- MFG Q $1/1= .54
1lb. Bulk Apples $1.49 per lb. Target Q $1/1lb= .49
2 Kraft Dressings $1.59 each- Target Q $1/2- MFG $1.50/1- MFG $1/1= FREE + .32 Overage
2 Kraft Cheeses $2.19 each- Target Q $1/2- MFG $1/2= $2.38 for 2

Total Food: $4.07

Some are from the Sunday paper, but most I printed on-line.

Kraft Coupons
Kraft is offering $50 in coupons for a limited time- PRINT THESE as many times as you can. Click on coupons tab

Target Coupons

Other MFG Coupons

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